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Church Construct #2:

Some more progress on my church. I’ve cut out most of the windows and started carving bricks into the foam using a ballpoint pen. Started gluing some pieces together too :) still mostly hold up by pins tho, I have … Continue reading

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Generic fort

I have been building a fantasy/medieval fort. Its main use will be as the base of operations for my band of mercenaries in our low fantasy games. Made almost completely from styrofoam, it is still far from finished. I added … Continue reading

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Church Construct #1:

I’m currently working on this piece of terrain. It’s gonna be a church, design based on an actual church in Örebro, Sweden, with some minor changes to windows etc. But it’s pretty close to the original! This is how far … Continue reading

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Showcase: Iyanden Ghost Warriors

I’ve been turning my eyes a lot towards my Eldar of late, the Craftworld Iyanden to be precise. I picked this army for several reasons, but the main ones are the aesthetics of the Eldar Wraith units (I find them … Continue reading

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Skullcrushers red armour tutorial

Here is a guide on how to paint red armour on Chaos Warrior Skullcrushers I did a few years ago. The models themselves were not released yet when I made this and so are kitbashed chaos knights and plastic bloodcrushers. … Continue reading

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Project Roll Call #1: Confrontation Dirz

I’m on a confrontation binge lately, chasing the few Griffin and Dirz sculpts I’m still missing on ebay and finally making some headway on painting them. At the moment I’m focusing my efforts on the figures that can be used … Continue reading

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Hasslefree modern survivors

Some of my survivors.

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Welcome to the blog!

This will be where our little gang of mishapen nerds share our projects, hopes and dreams. There’s hopefully gonna be some posts to read and pics to view here soon! :)

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