Showcase: Iyanden Ghost Warriors

I’ve been turning my eyes a lot towards my Eldar of late, the Craftworld Iyanden to be precise.

I picked this army for several reasons, but the main ones are the aesthetics of the Eldar Wraith units (I find them marvelous!), the lore around said Craftworld of being stoic fighters against Chaos, having tough units that are hard to kill, and I have never painted a bright colored force before (I might post a tutorial of how I paint my infantry later on this month).

More units will be added to the force so that I can play bigger games and have some chance to alter my force, so it doesn’t get too monochrome in the way I play the game.

That’s all for tonight!


Eldar Farseer Eldar Guardian Defenders Eldar Spiritseer Eldar Wraithguard II Eldar Wraithguard Prince Yriel Wave Serpent #1 Wave Serpent #2 Wave Serpent #3 WraithknightCrimson Hunter

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Hi, I'm Shin, the regular Warhammer 40K player of the lot! Here on a very secret journal I will try to cover most aspects of the way I enjoy the hobby, mainly converting, painting and gaming. What can you mostly expect from me? Work in progress on my Warhammer 40K forces, battle reports and things regarding the old GW Specialist Games (such as Necromunda and Mordheim), pretty much anything that will keep me motivated and actually get my projects done. Feel free to send me an email or post a comment about anything on here. See you on the battlefield! Shin
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