Church Construct #1:

I’m currently working on this piece of terrain. It’s gonna be a church, design based on an actual church in Örebro, Sweden, with some minor changes to windows etc. But it’s pretty close to the original!

This is how far I’ve gotten as of this tuesday (I think).

Right now all the pieces are just pinned together with needles, to make sure everything fits or if I have to rethink on the construction.

2014-07-14 22.07.52

2014-07-14 22.08.22

2014-07-14 22.08.32

2014-07-14 22.10.16

2014-07-14 22.09.35

2014-07-14 22.09.51

2014-07-14 22.09.43

2014-07-14 22.09.56

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