Church Construct #3:

So, one part of the church wall is done, the round room at the back, so I’ve glued the bottom wall to the floor so I could start building the roof section for it :)

2014-08-05 22.13.11

Tested out my idea of how to do the round roof with a slice of paper first. The original plan was to make a U-shape that fit the rounded wall but I found it easier to just use a straight piece of paper and then cut shreds in it as I bent it along the wall.

2014-08-05 22.19.38

I then cut a piece of cardboard the same width the roof needed to be, and cut shreds almost all the way through it. I left just about 5mm at the edge to hold it together.

2014-08-05 22.27.14

I folded every piece slightly at the bottom, over the next piece to the left, so the roof would be easier to bend :)

2014-08-05 22.27.23

Held in place with needles as I tested the fit.

2014-08-05 22.29.34

Used a piece of foam to hold the upper round wall the right shape as I glued the roof to it.

2014-08-05 22.49.34

Just messed some glue at the top, paper strips to keep it together.

2014-08-05 22.59.07

The inside of the roof.

2014-08-05 23.05.40

Did the same for the top roof, though I had to cut some of the cardboard pieces out where the folds got too thick around the bend.

2014-08-06 18.44.49

I only glued the roof parts to the upper wall, as I wanted this whole section to be removable for easier access to the bottom floor. Theres not gonna be an upper level here, just a high ceiling as I plan on adding a quite tall statue in the middle of the round room.

2014-08-06 18.59.25

The full roof! Both lower and upper. Looks kinda like crap right now but Im gonna fix that up later!

2014-08-06 19.05.54

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  1. Mei Olga says:

    Hiii!!! I was just wondering if you used Styrofoams? Did you bend the Styrofoam at the back part??? I’m gonna do this for my project!


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