Mordheim orcs

We recently started a new Mordheim campaign and decided to make myself a new gang. I chose orcs!

I will only use old school orcs and I won’t feel forced to paint them all green. These three are the only finished ones so far. The on on the left is my leader, though he stared as one of the big ‘uns. My boss went out of action in game 1 and roll a double 1 on the injury table afterwards (dead) so this guy had to step up. The middle one is the other big ‘un. On the right is an ordinary orc who proved himself to be more than that by rolling a ”lad’s got talent” result on his first level up. Currently the strongest member of the warband with strength 4.



About Ersson

I build scenery and paint models. Usually I take short cuts to get things done, but then don´t finish things anyway. I am a warhammer tournament gamer. That is, the two times per year when I play warhammer it is at tournament. My favourite models are probably hasslefree modern survivors. Herp a derp, more words to make this biography seem longer. Also cats. And bacon.
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